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Houston Bicycle Museum Grand Opening

The Houston Bicycle Museum is open! The grand opening was held recently and it was just, grand. There's a lot in store for this place and more events to come! Click here for the photos from the grand opening!


"I could eat" Throwdown Photos

This was a good one! Some say it was our best event yet! MAJOR thank you to everyone that came out to support! The cookoff teams, DJs, guests, and people stopping by were just awesome!


Congratlations to all the winners of all the things, especially that brand new bike! Look for us making noise and causing trouble during the MS150, and click here for the photos from the event.


Freaskshow Photos

That party was crazy right? Thanks for coming out and keeping it fun. I got the photos up fast and on the fly. You're welcome. Click here to see them. Also, major thanks to all of our sponsors!!! 


Lonely Hearts Freaskshow

Alright party people! This Friday is going to be so good! Get a freaky costume, ride on the The HTX Bike Social, and bring yourselves to one big fundraising party! You might just get lucky spinning our wheel of death or participating in the costume contest, or you can just get those #dollas ready for the Men of Ham Cycles Date Auction. Yours truly will be up for grabs. Sup, check my bio. Oh, and some guy will be doing cool fire spinning stuff. Click here for the Facebook event page.


Southside BMX Jam 2)28)15

Big O. owner of the Southside Skatepark, allows bikes to ride at his park. He does so on the last Saturday of every month from 9pm to 12am. This past Saturday your boy made it to spectate and get some DOPE shots like the one below.

Click here for group updates on the jam and here for the photo set on Flickr.

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