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I'm not too late...HAPPY NEW YEAR!

So, 2015 was lovely. Thanks to all the family, friends, organizers, promoters, hosts, sponsors and anyone else that had anything to with it all. Races, trips, parties, vacations, nights at the shop, random crazy adventures...the list is long. I'm really happy to interacted with so many awesome people and to have done so many awesome things.


This year, I have lots on the horizon. More races, new goals, collaborations, and more. Stay tuned. I'll be launching another website for the new year. It's going to be all-inclusive to showcase more of what I do on and off the bike. Don't worry. I'll maintain this blog and continue to put out plenty of content to distract you from work. The year is already off to a great start with a strong finish in the season's first race...

Local Bike Racing / HCC Winter Crit #1 / Photo courtesy of Creative Cycle

2015 Texas CX State Championships

I didn't make it out to enjoy and shoot the whole weekend but afternoon races on Saturday were amazing. I showed up just in time to see end of the Men 40+ Cat 1/2/3 race then the entire U23 and Men 23-29 races. I could not pull myself away from the action. I didn't even get away to eat lunch! Click here to see the photos!


Dirt Is Dumb, Labor Day "Gravel" Ride

We work, A LOT. So we decided to get extra chill out, get casual and ride in the gravel, dirt, rocks, sand, or whatever. The morning was nice and pleasant but it got hot. Real hot. Like uncomfortable hot. Capri Suns and a Dashiki were the perfect combination to combat these conditions.


Getting out and being in nature is always nice. We racked up about 60 miles or so and had plenty of breaks for shenanigans. Hydration sources got low and flats were had. Despite the harsh conditions, we had fun, and Frankie looked good. Click here to dig the photo set on Flickr.



INTERBIKE 2015 (#InternationalFixieConvention)

"Interbike isn’t a trade show – it’s an industry experience.", says the website. That experience was good. The experience was in Vegas baby! It was good because not only was there booths and presentations and stuff from groups, organizations, teams, companies, shops, and builders and whatever, but there was also other stuff like the races, video premieres and more other bike stuff as well as stuff that happens in Vegas baby! All of which was, good. This good stuff, altogether created the #InternationalFixieConvention.
Vegas Baby!
This was my first time experiencing the #InternationalFixieConvention. I'd do it again, for sure. (*It's tough to partake in a race after partaking in all of this -- >)The opportunity to  ride super expensive bike on pro trails, do some networking, see all the industry's #NewNew, do Vegas stuff and meet the most elite of the #FixieFamous all in one week was just lovely. 

Kasey and Antonio


An experience like this just had to be documented. I did so. You're welcome. Film was the format of choice. I'm sorry you had to wait. This set covers most of the trip but some Vegas stuff was intentionally left out (SFW). Click here to digg the photo set
*more photos are on the way...



THIS WHOLE THING WAS JUST AWESOME. I was interviewed by someone at the race. I don't remember most of it because of #adultbeverages but I do remember being asked what I like most about this race series. My answer: The unity. There were all sorts of people from all sorts of places on all kinds of bikes that came together to compete, have fun and just chill. That's a beautiful thing.


Moving along now...The fine folks of KOLO Promo did an awesome job of putting this thing together for a solid 4 weeks back to back to back to back. We appreciate you. It was hot, crazy hot. Working and competing at this event was tough but thankfully there was relief.

Congrats to all of the winners, especially us ^_^ The competition was super stiff. Keep in touch with KOLO Promo. They're sure to be bringing more awesome events. Oh and click here to dig this massive photo set that covers the entire series. You're welcome.






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