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2014 Terra X CX

So I competed in my first Cyclocross race ever. More on that later. For now, coverage. The weather sucked but the race was awesome. It was nice to see so many spectators and particpators. The best part, LADIES. They were out in full force on the course. It ain't #WonderfulWomenWednesday but hey. Click here to digg the photo set.



Alright folks, get your bodies ready. More cross is coming! It's starting Saturday November 22nd with Terra X. This will be good. I know it. Click here for the race flyer and here for the Bike Reg page. Also, I have photos from last year, right here. Digg Hayley's Hot 'N Ready hand up! 


It doesn't stop there, nope. On Saturday November 23rd Bike Barn is hosting the Houston Cyclocross Challenge. Will this be good? Duh. Last year was hosted by Bikesport. Digg the photo set by clicking here.For updates and all that stuff, click here.


A weekend of CX in Houston

This month started off just right with a big weekend for cycling in Houston! With regards to cross, Bayou City Racing hosted BCR CX at Spotts Park. I was excited for this one after last year being so good! It was nice to see some new and familiar faces as well as have some fun! #HeckleGameWasScrong Click here for the photo set.


The next day of racing was hosted by the fine folks of Kolo Promotions! This was the first year they put on the Give Me Some Sugar Cyclocross race and they did not disappoint, especially with the flyover! Click here to digg the photo goodness.



Alright folks get your bodies ready for this one.This weekend will be like no other. It's gonna be big, like incredible inflatable arm flailing tube man in front of the place of business big. 

via imgur


Okay, let me tell you why it's gonna be big...First, Critical Massacre. That's happening Friday. Slap on a costume and pedal over to Market Square in Downtown Houston at 7pm. After the ride, there will be a big after party at Liberty Station. Oh, you want updates and more details? Click here


Saturday, BIKE FEST! If you ain't got it by now, you can still get it.There will be BMX, puppies, B-Cycles, Kind Bars, beer, gold sprints and loads of other cool  bike things! Continuous updates and details can be found by clicking here.


Also on Saturday, BCR CX! This is going on at the same time as Bike Fest but hey, that's cool because it's close by and you can juggle the two events #NBD. This was the biggest CX race in Houston last year. The heckle game was strong! Click here for the facebook event page.


Then, on Sunday, GIVE ME SOME SUGAR CX! The organisers have been working really hard on setting this one up! The highlight of the event is the flyover that's being constructed WHOOP! Event page, here.


FINALLY! To wrap it all up, Sunday Streets Houston - Greater Third Ward! The streets will be nice, clear and car-free. You can walk, skip, hop, roller blade or pedal your bike and enjoy all the surrounding happenings. The facebook event page is here.

BOOM! Your weekend will be awesome.

You're welcome.


Alright folks, it's an alley cat to benefit the Screwston Showdown IV.  Said alley cat is happening this Sunday in the great city of Houston. If you're in town, spectate or participate. Click here for the Facebook event page.


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