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THIS WHOLE THING WAS JUST AWESOME. I was interviewed by someone at the race. I don't remember most of it because of #adultbeverages but I do remember being asked what I like most about this race series. My answer: The unity. There were all sorts of people from all sorts of places on all kinds of bikes that came together to compete, have fun and just chill. That's a beautiful thing.


Moving along now...The fine folks of KOLO Promo did an awesome job of putting this thing together for a solid 4 weeks back to back to back to back. We appreciate you. It was hot, crazy hot. Working and competing at this event was tough but thankfully there was relief.

Congrats to all of the winners, especially us ^_^ The competition was super stiff. Keep in touch with KOLO Promo. They're sure to be bringing more awesome events. Oh and click here to dig this massive photo set that covers the entire series. You're welcome.






Short'N Sweet MTB-ST Race #2

Ladies and gentleman, this is going to be good. Week 2 of  the Short'N Sweet MTB-ST Race Series is being sponsored by...&$%^#! you guessed it, Ham Cycles! Expect loads of casual vibes, non traditional nourishments, and straight forward encouragement (heckling). It's basically Cyclocross practice. #CrossIsComing



This race is great for spectators and racers of all skill levels. Also, it can be done on a mountain bike as well as a cyclocross bike. Come through, seriously, this Saturday, at 5:30pm. Click here for more details. Click here to save dollars and preregister.

Photo courtesy of KOLO Promo


Memorial Park Crits: Week 6

The Memorial Park Criterium Series is well under way. I highly recommend that you come out and spectate or race or both. The races went clockwise this week. That was different.


There were crashes, close calls and a lot of rubbing, touching and squeezing #CritLife. Despite all of that, the team raced well together and finished strong #GoodJobGuise. 

Photo by Francisco Garcia


We chilled at the races because that's cool, and it feels good. Click HERE to see the photo set and come out this Wednesday if you can!



We raced as a team. That was nice. I took a prime lap. That's rare in the sanctioned crits. We were on our way to a strong team finish. With two laps to go, some jerk couldn't handle his bike and put me into a curb. I chased the pack down and finished 23rd. Besides that, it was fun.

It was the last day of a long week of racing, so to be done was quite a relief. Of course we all stuck around to relax, chill and root for the other racers. Click here to dig the photos.



2015 Harbor Master Criterium

This race just keeps getting better! I highly encourage everyone to participate or come out and spectate next year! I made the trip and it was well worth it! I got to the course early to register and check things out. After that, rollers. Then, it was race time. The field was much larger this time around and I noticed some collegiate racers from Tulane as well. From the start, we were pushing it. Those #CollegeDoodz were keeping the pace high and they didn't seem to be hurting at all. This year was much faster but I had more endurance, so I maintained.

Photo by Rhea Aldridge


I found my groove and stayed in the front pack as the paceline formed, 4th or 5th wheel. It felt really nice. Then, PRIME LAP. The pace jumped quick and I latched onto a wheel and hung on. The yo yo started to really happen after the technical corners. Riders from the back were diving into the insides and rubbing shoulders with the leaders. I started to fall back several positions. I gave no effort towards the prime. I worked to get back to about the 7th wheel or so and I held it. Things did not calm down much. The pace was still high and the chasers kept diving inside the turns. I got defensive. Soon after, we had a long, flowing paceline again. I sat tight, conserving as much as I could. The leaders started to take turns pulling. I even heard someone say, "Let Doogie Roux take a fucking pull!" Ha! No. There were three laps to go and things got wild. Riders came quickly from the rear and stirred things up. A rider in front of  me got spooked, jumped right and braked hard as we made a wide left. Our wheels crossed. I sat up and held my position for a moment but was quickly passed by several riders, one of which bumped my right shoulder hard. I stayed upright but I lost the ideal positioning I worked so hard for.  


Photo by Rhea Aldridge


I didn't know exactly where I was but I estimated somewhere around 8th or 9th place. I latched onto the paceline again. I was preparing to really put out effort in the home stretch to pass as many riders as possible. We came around the backside of the course and the pack was wide. I did my best not get spooked. We took the second to last turn and I squeezed the bars tight as I prepared for the final sprint. I was ready. We straightened up and started to make the left. As soon as I got out of the saddle...BOOM! A rider was down! I saw others going around him. I grabbed my front brake and threw my weight on the rear tire. I was almost at a dead stop. I looked left and it was clear but there riders were ahead of me. I gave a massive effort and did not look back. 


Photo by Rhea Aldridge


I crossed the line and immediately wanted to get off the bike and lay down. I did just that, and a rider thought I passed out. He yelled, "MEDIC!" I laughed and said, "No, I'm just really spent!" I had no idea how I finished. I was thinking 9th or 10th. A few minutes went by. After talking with some fellow racers, they made the announcement for the podium photo. Doogie Roux finished 3rd!  Yes indeed. Chilling at the races is cool. I did that. 

* Click here to see the photos from the rest of the day!

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