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Southside BMX Jam 2)28)15

Big O. owner of the Southside Skatepark, allows bikes to ride at his park. He does so on the last Saturday of every month from 9pm to 12am. This past Saturday your boy made it to spectate and get some DOPE shots like the one below.

Click here for group updates on the jam and here for the photo set on Flickr.


I'm alive and well. Sorry for the lack of postage. The #DayJob has me in the Seattle area. It's true, the weather here is cold, wet and depressing.I ditched social media for a bit then pedaled up, down, and around Mount Rainier


It was nice to get out and do some miles in a landscape I don't get to appreciate to often. Oh and the locals were very polite and friendly. That's Larry showing me his open heart surgery scar. Mike is on the right. #EightBeersIn

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2015 CX Nats and the lack thereof!

*brought to you by Uber, a ride you can always count on but only sometimes remember
I was looking forward to the Cyclocross Nationals being held in Austin for a while. The universe allowed my circus of a life to be intertwined with this grand occasion.  So, I traveled to Austin to meet up with the fine folks of Ham Cycles to do what we do best on a certain numbered street.

#PretendingToBeFamous #LookingGoodInPublic #DemGroceries #DirtySixth 


My plan was to capture an EPIC photo set to start 2015. Saturday got that going as we pedaled out to see the collegiate races. They were killing it! Weather conditions made the course quite a challenge for all racers (and organizers, as we all later noticed) but spectators were still out in full effect.



Saturday was the first day I made it out to the races. I managed to get a feel for the park and a few good photos. Being immersed in the excitement and chaos that comes with a race of this magnitude was awesome and overwhelming! It was so lovely to meet some new people and see others that I hadn't seen in a while. 

*This is my first gif ever and 2015 is the year of the gif.


We pedaled back to the rendezvous point in the cold wet drizzle (no photos because my frozen hands were useless), freshened up and got fancy cheese plates and pizza at Bufalina #Don'tBelieveTheHype. After all that it was time to do more of what we do best.

#PretendingToBeFamous #LookingGoodInPublic #Barbarella


After another night on the town, we were up nice and early with our minds set on seeing competitors battle it out on the last day of racing. That was all cut short with the initial, alleged "cancellation" and later "postponement" of the races for reasons you all surely have heard or know of by now. No further comments needed. 




It was still a good, fun weekend. Hey guys, don't F@%# up CX nats next year.





Click here to digg a few photos

Also, buy this shirt.


Sooo I haven't been able to do much but I'm working to fix that. In the meantime, digg these crispy photos from a Houston Hardcourt practice polo session by clicking here. Oh and if you want to play, spectate, or just hang out, click here. The polo bunch is a fun bunch.



The cross keeps coming. Yeah, so HEAVYPEDAL is presenting this race series and the final race is a CX race. That's cool because Houston could always use another CX race. From what I've heard this race will be a fun race. If you want to race this race, click here to register for this race. You can also heckle at this race or just spectate this race. Click here to follow updates for this race.


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