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HE DID IT! Walt mashed it out with a sprint to complete 220.17 miles nonstop in 12 hours!  Alkek Velodrome provided this number crunch:


Walt rode for 12 hours for a total of 1063 laps around the track. 1063 x 333.33 meters/lap (The Alkek Velodrome's length is UCI certified) = 354,329.79 meters ridden. 354,329.79 meters = 220.17 MILES!!!!! 

I made it out to the velodrome to root for Walt and get some photos before a certain race. MAJOR shout out to everyone else that came out, especially his support, Wallace and Hayley in particular! This major move was to support Expedition Balance. This orginisation helps combat veterans to cope Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

You can still donate to this cause by clicking here. To see the rest of the photos from Walt's time trial for charity, click here


DANG! That floor is dirty. I'm selling this vintage Basso road frameset. I was going to build it up and campy it out but race bikes have taken priority and I'm reducing my material possessions. I'm asking $250 but that's negotiable. The frame size is around 56 and what you see is what you get!


It was made in Italy. They have good gelato. 


This tubing is special. There is a bird on it.


This guy hand-painted. I don't know his name because I can't read his handwriting. 


Buy this.

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Crucial Matter: Raspas & Elotes Ride

Friday was good :) I rested up pretty good and I went to chop it up with Loux, coach, sorta. He invited me to a ride, the Crucial Matter: Raspas & Elotes Ride. I told him I'd just say hello to everyone and not ride after we were done.


I didn't do that. I liked the vibe of everyone that was showing up so I decided to stick around. I''m glad I did. The ride was chill and just what I needed after getting back into the flow of things post MS150


The ride leader, Ivan also new made some righteous food stops. #DemGroceries

The party really started after the food. Click here to see the photo set on flickr.


There are loads of photos out on the webz from the Red Hook Crit in Brooklyn. Some may still be on film strips and memory cards still. This one is from Kathryn Friedman. Click here to see more on the Red Hook Crit tumblr.

Driveway Series Part Deux

I went out to Austin for a second shot at the Driveway Series and my sixth time on my road bike. This race was different. The Speed Loop that I had done the first time was not the course we were to race on. We raced on the Championship Loop. It was a longer more drawn out course that required much less (almost no) sprinting. 


The pack was really steady and tight. I maintained good position early on but I could not find the right gears to hold in the long drawn out lines we took. There were a few tights turns and a quick climb but nothing was there to raise the efforts. Lacking a proper warm up, I didn't think my muscles were ready for this kind of a race.


As I struggled to get the right gear and maintain my position, I fell back, tremendously. I stayed a bit behind the peloton hoping to get in the top 30 but the officials had other plans. I got pulled with just a few laps to go.  I stayed around to get some photos and hang out.


Crits aren't my specialty but I have fun doing them and to me, racing is training. I'm looking forward to the next time I'll be racing the Speed Loop. Maybe I can build on that 17/70 finish I pulled the first time out. Click here for the photo set on Flickr.



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