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Cross Houston 2014

This is happening  October 25th and 26th at the Alkek Velodrome. You should come out if you can to spectate, heckle or participate.  Look, here is the address  ---> 19008 Saums Rd, Houston, Texas 77084. Click here for the Facebook event page. It's gonna be fun!



Kicking it with the cool kids, climbing/bombing hills and hitting up some hot spots! I loved it all, especially my DerpCitySelfie with Catfish! I finally made some time to post the photo set from the ON SOME SHIT street ride. Click here to digg the photo set.

RACE REPORT: 2014 Wolfpack Hustle HP Gran Prix

Honestly, the whole trip seemed like forever yet it happened so fast. I had a ton of free time as I landed early in the week and the race was not until Saturday. After getting settled in the hostel, I did my absolute best to "behave". I felt really good as I stayed hydrated and nourished with the finest pastas and hot dogs in Hollywood.There was no way I could sit and do nothing. I kept the legs fresh with rollers and soft pedaling to meet up with a few people to chill. More words and photos on that later...
RACE DAY. I made it to Huntington Parc very much on time. I found the team tent and met a few of the guys for the first time in person and saw some again. After being social, race mode. I switched my setup for the race and hit the rollers. From this point it’s a bit of a blur. Everything was drowned in Dubstep from Croydon, a few really loud cheers from the crowd and the occasional greeting from someone I knew.

Photo by Julio Hernandez

Finally, my qualifying heat. I got to the line and was put in place by the holder. I was ready. The light turned green and I blasted off the line. I let out a muffled grunt as I wanted to secure a spot in the finals without overdoing it. I started to spin and got in the saddle to power through to the line. I made it back to the tent and patiently waited for my time. For a while, I heard nothing. Then, times were posted on sheets of paper taped to a barricade but only about half the names had times. Nate had recently made his run and his time, the fastest time of course, was posted. Some spectators were saying that the top 16 were there and lower times just weren’t counted.  All kinds of negative emotions were looming but I stayed calm. I was confused after hearing that Dante did a run at 22.197 but I didn't see his name on the papers. I thought it best just to wait until the qualifying round was completely over to check. I went to the tent to chill but I couldn't help but think, “I did not come all the way out here to not qualify.”
Photo by @boostamantefotos
Time went by and the anticipation was so heavy. After getting really impatient, I went over to the start line and asked, “Have the 16 qualifiers been posted?” The guy said yes and asked for my bib number . I replied, “153”, he tilted his head , “Doogie Roux?” Plainly, I answered, “Yes.” At this point, I felt like “that guy”. He looked at me and said, You qualified third! You’re in!.” WHOA! I looked at the screen and there I was 22.369! I tried to not seem like an asshole, graciously thanked him for the info and hit the rollers. I didn't put any headphones on because I wanted to be aware of when I was on but I could still hear the tunes I was blaring for an hour and a half earlier. Again, things became a blur. After all that emotion, I had to shift over and focus on the upcoming runs.
Photo by @boostamantefotos
I don’t even remember who I went up against first but Neu York was my second heat. Then Dante, this was the one. I got him off the line as I had done in each heat that night and every chariot or drag race I had done. I was ahead and spinning. I got into the saddle and powered through. After a quick glance, there was Dante, in the saddle, reeling me in. I pushed harder and harder but he kept reeling. He was on my side and we were both pushing really hard. He inched ahead just before the finish. My heart was beating wildly. That was the first time I had ever lost a drag race but I was smiling.  We were going much faster than the previous runs and I felt like I was stopping a freight train. I could barely breathe but I met up with Dante and we congratulated one another. I slowly went back to the team tent hoping to rest but I heard, “Doogie you’re up!!!” Dafuq? I had to go right back and race for third. My legs were almost done and I needed water. I grabbed some random water bottle near the start line and got a few sips. I faced Wilio. We launched on green and he had me. I pushed with all I had left but It wasn’t enough. That last run took so much out of me. I kept pushing and Wilio pulled a “fixie skid” across the line. Cute. He came up to me afterwards smiling and saying. “I know you just went…” I shook his hand and kept it moving. All the way from the South for the third best time and fourth overall, I’ll take it. I was happy to come out and compete.  
Photo by @boostamantefotos
A major congratulations and thank you and to Leader Bikes for the individual/team wins and support! I'm looking forward to whatever is next! As I said in the Instagram post with all the feels "There is an amazing mix of people in the international cycling community that do so much to make it so awesome. I'm absolutely humbled and grateful to be a part of it."


RACE REPORT: Drag Race III - Ham Cycles Race Series

So I had a race on Sunday. After slow rolling the course, I got a good warm up in. Some pros from the track showed up. They made me nervous. I had the best qualifying time overall and it was a much better time than that of last year's race.


Photo by Jason Villanueva  


I treated the remaining heats like a match sprint, until I faced Dean(track pro). I gave a major effort to advance and face Zach in the final heat. I took first then vomitted profusely in someone's driveway.


Photo by Jason Villanueva  


2014 Bicycle Scavenger Hunt

I got a few flicks and accidentally had a whole lot of fun! I also got my armpit licked...yep. The scavenger hunt is always full of crazy themed teams pedaling out to scavenge for points. Digg Mario and Luigi.


There were raffles and shenanigans along with the scavenge. The winner of the Bicycle Scavenger Hunt will, hopefully, be announced later once the judges go through the photos from the teams. Click here to see my narrated photo set and here to see the various photos from the teams as they scavenged.


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