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Wonderful Women Wednesday

I'm really looking forward to more women participating in sanctioned and unsanctioned events in the future. With continuous dominating performances from ladies like Hannah Todd and the creation of women's categories in grand events such as the Red Hook Crit, things are looking good!
Brean Shea shares a bit of the same sentiment and is aiming for the growth of women's participation.

Ginger Boyd enthusiastically awaits the start. Photo by Chris Lee.

Chris Lee asked: "...  any changes that you think should be made in the racing scene, what would they be?

"Brean: Women. No doubt about it. There’s not enough women that go out there and race. I’ve noticed that more so in track racing that women are intimated more and I don’t know why that is. Maybe its us? Maybe we don’t know how to act? I don’t know. But that has to change. But that’s everywhere, not just here in New York.
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Passin throux...

If you would have told me three years ago that I would be on a road bike, clipped in, wearing a helmet, pedaling around Brooklyn, I would have laughed in your face. Well, that happened and Cesar Macay got photos to prove it.


This was my fifth time pedaling this bike. As I'm still getting used to it, I figured city riding would aide the process. Cruising around town on a road bike isn't so bad. The not so aggressive geometry allows you to rest in the hoods, relax and roll. 


The city terrain was ideal to get me acclimated to the gears. Hopefully it's enough get me more comfortable on the bike and ready to do well in the next race of the Driveway Series.

Another MAJOR thank you to Cinelli USA for the hookup on this rad ride! See more photos here.


After rooting for Walt at his time trial for to support Expedition Balance, I made it out the Picnic Loop for the H Town Throwdown. There were a few locals and some peeps from Austin traveled over to compete. The race was timed at 35 minutes and it was about 12 laps. Cameron came out strong in his Pee Wee Herman skin suit. I labeled him a rabbit and didn't chase. Instead, I stayed in the pack to conserve. The racers from Austin navigated the course with a steady flow and I did my best to staty with them. After a sharp right, I made an attack and grabbed Cameron's wheel. I was hoping for a good breakaway and I got it. When I looked back there was one person on my wheel.

Photo by Chuy Benitez


Cameron stayed up front for more laps. I didn't try anything else until the prime lap. I wanted him to take it but Coua, a guy from Austin was on my wheel and he had a sprint that could take the prime lap. I planned my sprint for the finish and I decided to use it for the prime lap. Cameron was on the inside and I had to go to his right to sprint to the line. I was going WAAAAY too fast and I had to really work to control the bike as I rounded a wide left turn. Everyone at the finish line saw it. That could have ended badly. I got the prime lap. Things started to wind down after that.

Photo by Chuy Benitez


I relaxed a little but maintained my position. With two laps to go, I held back. In the final lap, Cameron eased up tremendously. With his aero helmet, he didn't hear clearly that this was the final lap. I did not want to try and power through the entire course alone an lose my sprint at the end. I was up front, alone until Coua got back on my wheel. I slowed up to around 15mph. We had a match sprint. He made a small jump but I stayed to the front right of him. He eased up and so did I. As we rounded the left curve before the finish, I got out of the saddle and pushed hard. He did the same. I kept up the effort as I noticed that he was getting low. Then I crossed the line with him behind me.

The prizes were good.

We went to Barbarella for the Easter service.

Marilyn got a burger at THEO'S and took a nap.



HE DID IT! Walt mashed it out with a sprint to complete 220.17 miles nonstop in 12 hours!  Alkek Velodrome provided this number crunch:


Walt rode for 12 hours for a total of 1063 laps around the track. 1063 x 333.33 meters/lap (The Alkek Velodrome's length is UCI certified) = 354,329.79 meters ridden. 354,329.79 meters = 220.17 MILES!!!!! 

I made it out to the velodrome to root for Walt and get some photos before a certain race. MAJOR shout out to everyone else that came out, especially his support, Wallace and Hayley in particular! This major move was to support Expedition Balance. This orginisation helps combat veterans to cope Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

You can still donate to this cause by clicking here. To see the rest of the photos from Walt's time trial for charity, click here


DANG! That floor is dirty. I'm selling this vintage Basso road frameset. I was going to build it up and campy it out but race bikes have taken priority and I'm reducing my material possessions. I'm asking $250 but that's negotiable. The frame size is around 56 and what you see is what you get!


It was made in Italy. They have good gelato. 


This tubing is special. There is a bird on it.


This guy hand-painted. I don't know his name because I can't read his handwriting. 


Buy this.

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